@wearewildfires Austin take-over #indierock

    Happy Valentines Day to my ride or die @ezlyh #valentinesdayshit ❤️

    Forgot to post this earlier. Tissot Classic from my awesome girlfriend @ezlyh 😍😎👫 #tissot

    #williamfitzsimmons on the @bowerswilkins 802 diamond set-up! #pro-ject turntable, #mcintosh amplification.

    Late #FBF with my girlfriend @ezlyh and my baby pug, Stevie.

    23 years ago today, an angel was born. Your welcome rock and roll @thunderxshark

    Me and @thunderxshark are about to eat Olive Garden😌🗿

    Also spent a little too much money at @amoebahollywood today😜

    Geeked out when I saw this today😳

    Spread this guys! We just released a new song, please give it a listen! @wearewildfires @thunderxshark @lightningxwolf